Sunday, September 22, 2013

New writing

There are far more important things happening in the world right now, but nonetheless Salon has published a not-at-all-newsy essay of mine today, about a brief scare involving a needle, a babysitter, and possibly some heroin. You can read it here if you'd like.


  1. Just to let you know, as a nanny myself, that article was offensive to me. You are very wrong if you think that your caregiver, whom you "trusted" so much, trusts you now that you undermined her very genuine and heartfelt efforts to give thoughtful and loving care to your children. Also - regarding being diabetic - no one has to run their self-management of chronic, life threatening diseases through you. Be grateful that M. gave herself insulin in front of your kids. It may make them less sheltered and more accepting of things that might not be like your elysian fields version of childhood. Also, be grateful M. took her insulin and didn't go into shock, which I think may have been more traumatic for your kids - oh no, I can only imagine the ridiculous article that would have resulted from that. "MY BABYSITTER WENT INTO A DRUG OVERDOSE! Oh, um, she's diabetic. Tee hee I am such a silly sally. She should have taken her insulin, but I told her she should really run it by me before she sticks a needle into herself".

    Wow, I am so frustrated and now I feel like I need to take a shower after reading your "piece" of "creative non-fiction". Not a good article.

    PS I hope my ability to form a complete sentence impresses you and renders me qualified to be paid below the going rate.

  2. Wilson--this piece of "creative non-fiction," as with all your other pieces that turned up online, shows that you're much more about style (or, more precisely, shock value) than substance. In essence, you write about nothing, and in the process, you also show the world what an idiot you are. As a mom who's hired great nannies and some so-so ones, I'm appalled at your behavior and thoughtlessness, which has surely cost your relationship with a decent person that was C. I used to think highly of the Hugo House, but knowing that you teach there has changed my mind. If you want to call yourself a writer, get off your creative high-horse and start writing with a real purpose, after you stop being stupid and hurting others in the process.